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Princess Louise

208 High Holborn

020 7405 8816

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The Princess Louise is a pub in central London owned by the Samuel Smith Brewery. The pub is Grade II listed and well known for its traditional Victorian interior.

Offers a range of beers and pub food, all at reasonable prices.


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stars / Jim1976 / Nice pub, interesting interior and pretty cheap, especially for a London pub. Worth a visit! - 25/02/2014
stars / Tommymech888 / I've visited this pub many times over the years and often had a meal there but yesterday lunchtime (10/06/2014) I had one of the worst pub meals I've ever had. I wouldn't have thought you could do much to mess up a gammon and chips pub lunch but whoever was cooking yesterday managed to. Chips (over)cooked in old oil, dried out garden peas, runny white on a fried egg on a lump of stringy pink meat that I hesitate to call a gammon steak because it was of such poor quality. The friendly barmaid was rushed off her feet (why only one person serving at such a busy time?) and I felt sorry for her so didn't make a fuss (moment of weakness). I will be writing to Samuel Smith Breweries though (not looking for a refund) as it was such an appalling experience. - 10/06/2014
stars / Eleonora / Definetely my favourite pub in London! I go there at least 3 times per week and I'm completely in love with its quaint and classy atmosphere. A real English pub where you can enjoy your drink with your friends for a cheap price without a loud background music. In addition to a very wide range of bitters, lagers and stouts, Rudy, the nicest and friendliest (and handsome!) bartender all over London, makes the best Bloody Mary you'll ever try! - 12/07/2014
stars / FrankSmith / Asked for a Wheatbeer, and the guy goes to the back where he pours 1/2 glass of slops into the glass, and tops it up from the tap. And the moron thought I couldn't see him Avoid these filthy pigs. - 04/09/2014
stars / JONC4 / Nice staff, nice place, good beer (although as a yorkshireite I may be prejudice) even poured a real beer with a proper head on it. Go there now! (Also don't complain if you get a head on your beer, it's horrible without and it took a while to find a good pint in London) - 06/12/2015
stars / ssmova / Absolutely disgusted with their customer service and definitely not recommend. Group of 25+ poeple and we were harassed, spoken in an extremely rude and high tone and finally insulted. Further details on Tripadvisor. Holborn area is full of lovely pubs, this one definitely one to be avoided at all costs. - 04/11/2016
stars / neilmac / Saw one of the barman top up a drink from the slops tray. He denied doing it, but I had a witness. Will not be returning. - 03/01/2017
stars / Maiag / 100% racist. We are from Shout America and the attention was horrible. We pointed two options at the menu for a recommendation and they serverd another one. We asked if they can change it and they rudely said no. It was a very sad experience, I don't recommend this place at all. Of course, we barely touched the dish and left the place. 15th aug, 08:30pm waitress upfloor. - 15/08/2017